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  • Wparent
    Since you live in the NW, I recommend Rodda paint. It is based out of Portland, OR. I have used it for years, it covers well and wears well. If you are looking for a place for blinds and shutters, I recommend Emerald City Blinds and Shutters. We just got new shutters and blinds from them - they are about 25-30% cheaper than Hunter Douglas. They do a lot of work for Burnstead homes.

    I saw in another post you were looking at cork floors. Did you decide to use them? We are looking at them too but have not decided.
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    September 2012
    {[email protected]

    My name is Venus i am 24 year old girl single never married, In search of a partner who understand the meaning of love as Trust and faith in each other rather than one who sees love as the only way of fun, but a partner with Nice Vision of what the world is all about, i will be very happy to read your reply so that i will send my picture to you then we can start know more about each other please try to contact me through my email id {[email protected] . Thanks for reading my mail and be Venus
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    August 2012
  • Steven58
    Thanks, EK4 for your response on my verification.

    However, I am still cncerned about the 401K info. The IRS utility would never pick up on it, unless it was income. Why my bones are rattled about this is because they don't have to realy know about my retirement savings and the only reason it is there is because I rolled it over this year.
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    May 2012
  • juniormints
    Hi Emerald Kity,

    I sent you a PM- If you don't feel comfortable answering an admissions type question, no worries. If you are willing (and are knowledgeable about it), I'd appreciate it!
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    May 2010
  • crfount
    My daughter is 22 and will graduate this May -(she took a year off). The school is okay, but the environment is simply awful. She truly did not want to return after her escape from Stockton but transfer credits are hard to come by and it would have cost her (and her parents) two years to get her final year's credits. But there is no way you should consider sending a child to Stockton - really. The school won't protect him or her and the risks are horrible. Anywhere else is better. Run away, fast!
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    March 2010
  • swmmr984
    Seen your post since my now senior in college was a senior high school. What's up? Where and what age are your kids?
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    November 2009