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  • lisa128
    Hi Dietz199,
    I started reading the thread about college and career outcomes that you posted in and got curious about the college you mentioned your son is considering. The fact that it has an internship and study abroad program may be interesting to my daughter who is very much on the fence about engineering. She has an "engineering mind" but is concerned that many programs don't seem to have the flexibility she wants for college. Thanks for sharing! Lisa128
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    October 2012
  • 4thfloor
    Here is a contrarian thought: why not go to a research university where your son can take graduate courses (not the same as working on a research project!) by sophomore year, and IF your son finds out that a Phyiscs PhD is not the right thing for him -- there are myriad of good reasons why STEM PhDs switch out -- better find out in college than in grad school, or mid-career! It is not just for money that many Physics PhDs work in hedge funds. On the other hand, if he STILL wants to do it, having done PhD-level work early, his chances of success would be far greater.

    I believe this is why quantitatively, top research universities (Ivies, MIT, Stanford, Chicago) graduate far fewer future PhDs than cuddling LACs (something that is touted to no end by LAC boosters on CC), while at the same time, qualitatively, the top of the academic fields still tend ot be dominated by graduates from top research universities who did stick it out.
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    February 2012
  • Beachkat
    I sent a friend request to you. We are Nicole's Mom and Dad.
    Greg and Lisa Olson
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    September 2010