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  • cptofthehouse
    I doubt you will get the Perkins back. As I stated, that is a limited loan. So that is gone.

    If she does not have any Staffords in her package now, she can take up to $5500 in the Stafford loans. They will be all unsubsidized if they are going towards the EFC. Some can be subsidized if the COA minus the EFC come up with unmet need. The EFC is the minimum you as a family/student have to pay in order to get any government subsidies. The UNSUBSIDIZED Staffords are not subsidies as anyone can get them and, yes, they can be used towards EFC if not already in the package. But you do not get the subsidy when you are using it towards the EFC. The interest rate is close to 7% on the Staffords and the interest starts accruing, the instant the funds are released.
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    April 2013
  • Kennedy2010
    Re: Financial aid question

    I just saw that you posted this to my inquiry back in March:

    "Kennedy, there are a number of reasons why a school may not put the loan in the financial aid package. If the school has met aid in other ways, then there is no need to do so. Your student can take out the Stafford loans on his own and if he has any FAFSA defined federal need, some of that can be subsidized. Otherwise, it would all be unsubsidized and got towards the EFC."

    So thank you!

    To clarify - the original FA package included 3,500 subsidized Stafford and 2,000 Perkins. After review, they increased the grant by 9,000, but had to remove the loans. The EFC is still 9,243. It sounds like you are saying that my D can pursue the loans on her own - correct?
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    April 2013
  • mariancw
    Hi cpt,

    I'm an education reporter for ProPublica and stumbled on some of your posts in CC forums. Just wanted to get in touch and find out more about where you're coming from.

    Feel free to ping me back on CC or shoot me an email at marian.wang [at] propublica.org -- whatever is easier.

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    March 2013
  • twiceblessed
    Would you please PM me? I'm not allowed to PM anyone since I don't have 15 posts (I've got 13 LOL).
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    January 2013
  • WriterGlazer
    My name is Emily Glazer and I'm a reporter for The Wall Street Journal newspaper. I'm working on an article about tackling the financial aid process and saw your smart comments on College Confidential. Specifically, I saw the advice you gave on how to ask an admissions office for a scholarship or more money. Did you go through that experience?

    If so, are you open to a brief phone interview for the story? I'd love to hear more about your experience and how you made it a successful one.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    [email protected]
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    January 2013
  • twiceblessed
    Just checking that you received a response from me last night. I find the private message system a little clunky. I looked in my "Sent" box and don't see my response to you last night but the icon indicates that I did respond.
    Sorry, I'll get used to this eventually.

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    July 2012
  • twiceblessed
    I have been devouring the College Confidential website (particularly the Financial Aid forum) for information about my financial situation. I am going to need advise and/or an advisor.
    Your posts have been very informative and you seem to have a lot of the knowledge on the subject I am searching for.
    May I ask you some questions directly or is it better for me to post on the forum and let you answer there? Either way, thanks in advance.
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    July 2012
  • anne1244

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    March 2009