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  • D also revealed that was thinking about not returning to HYP in the fall and attending a cc because kids in cc who get into Phi Theta Kappa (the cc equivalent of PHi beta kappa) can get merit scholarships for their jr transfer to a 4 yr college. Af…
  • Op here, I agree that D's story seems to have holes in it. This is what prompted me to start this thread. Maybe she is just unhappy and this is more of an emotional decision and maybe she is rationalizing it by discussing weather, Greek life, sport…
  • Ariesathena, Definitely is partly culture shock. The winter this year was very bad with hurricane Sandy and some really bad storms while "at home" we were wearing shorts. As for being overworked, I told D not to get a job and also to not join a sor…
  • Shrinkwrap, Psychiatrist or psychologist or "counselor" i.e. master's degree? May be depression. Doesn't not outwardly seem depressed, though.
  • Nope, D denies a relationship at college. Had a BF during HS for 1 year. At HYP, D says that the guys are either good looking but arrogant/d o u c h e y, nice but homely, or fun and awesome but gay. Unfortunately, being from SoCal, much emphasis is …