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  • I knew a student with a 3.97, computer science/math. I don't know anyone with a 4.0
  • You can get on 250 from the north without continuing on 29 near congested areas. You can take Rio Rd (anywhere from the airport - airport rd to earlysville rd at the traffic circle to rio/hydraulic - or down to where Rio hits 29) to georgetown road …
  • You could take 250 to Rugby Avenue, shouldn't be problematic. 29 is the busy road so just avoid that. Take 250 from pantops so you don't go near the 29 exit.
  • You could get a gift certificate to: UVA Bookstore any stores or restaurants on the Corner: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Corner_(Charlottesville,_Virginia)
  • Wow I always used to go that way. Thanks for sharing the info...
  • They're both state schools, strong schools, I'm not sure what UVA could possibly offer for 2 years that would cost 20k...
  • Enrollment for CS in the fall is 150, not all of the spots are open right now (typical of how UVA does registration). It is a required class in spring, so fall is for all of the 3rd/4th year math/astro/etc majors in the college of arts and science w…
  • you can transfer the credit if it is college credit, however the eschool requires a placement test for everyone in math as far as I remember/understand so you'll need to do well on that. i transferred credit for calc ii and iii and diff eq throug…