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  • boneh3ad wrote: Fun fact: I agree with about half that statement; then I read the last statement. Honestly, the idea that you have to go get a 4-year degree from somewhere to have any shot at a good life or a good job is ridiculous, and 4-year …
  • @jontaejones Oh, believe me, I know all about it. I was the worst high school student / teenager that you could imagine. Dumb decisions and bad attitude all around. I didn't start college until 5 years after high school. I needed a few slaps f…
  • @jontaejones You know, it's funny that you should mention the "time investment" aspect of it. I've heard so my people say that they "actually want to have a life", or "want to get their degree as soon as possible". In other words, many people do…
  • Funny quote for those that need a daily laugh. Oh yes. It's a mindless myth repeated by idiots that one needs a degree to get a job, or one in the field one majored in. What one needs is a brain, and a college education (especially the mediocre,…
  • Kmerst, thanks for your reply. A lot of interesting information there. If you don't mind, I just have a few more questions if you don't mind. When you say that the people from the less-than-top schools tend to not do as well because they haven'…