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  • The great news is you are going to work on that GPA and standardized tests. However, having a 2.7 AND being out of state already puts you at the bottom of the pool as things stand now. There just aren't enough spots. My D applied OOS with a 3.7 and …
  • @OP-Yes the Nobel prize winner for Chem was from Duke and as of last year, he does teach. He shared the prize with a researcher at Stanford. Robert J. Lefkowitz Born: 1943, New York, NY, USA Affiliation at the time of the award: Howard Hugh…
  • Thanks, New Yawk! Here's the link to the data. There's another report out there that's not by the NIH which is very good, but I can't find it. I don't know what the numbers are for CDC, etc. My D's research was at NIH so we looked at those. Resea…
  • There is a report out there, and I just can't remember what it is called off the top of my head that lists the top schools that receive NIH funding for research. I know UNC is at the tippy top of the list in many areas. Not that Duke is anything to …
  • Congratulations on the scholarship! You have clearly prepared yourself well based on your AP scores, however, I'd like to pass on some advice I received for my premed daughter, which is ease into first semester. Taking 2 sciences and math could b…
  • Plus toward the end of the semester, all those silly parents who let their kids sign up for the unlimited and top tier meal plans will have a zillion swipes left over to share with you.
  • I counted about 16 weeks in the first semester, so if you divide your meal total by that (200/16), that'll give you about 12.5 meals per week. If you only expect to eat twice per day it'll stretch you about 2 meals for six days with an extra meal ev…