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  • marybee333
    Hi Charlieschm, Thank you for all the info you post here. It has been very helpful. I am so new here and have troubling navigating, but I am getting better. Not much new in the nursing forum, but from reading back, you have a 2017 hopeful for nursing too? I just want to ask thos 2016 parents, how things are going after their first semester. Or find the 2015 parents too. I just wanted to thank you and formally say hi! -marybee333
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    December 2012
  • Angeli
    Hello! charlieschm, thank you very much for answering UVA VS UCBERKELY for politics post, the information you gave was very helpful! Thank you! The biggest factor in my consideration is the chances of getting internships in government or NGOs. Work prospect matters the most to me. worried that UCB mostly have internships with government in California while UVA can have internships in New York and DC where many international organizations located. many headquarters of NGOs located at the east coast. Would you please tell me do UVA politics students have a lot of opportunities to get internships in government, NGOs? Do the professors of politics in UVA have many connections to the government? like to settled in the East coast. I wonder if attending UVA helps at this pont. I will attend UVA absolutely if it has better chances of getting internships in government or NGOs, and a political career in the east coast. I love international NGOs.
    Thank you very much!
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    April 2012