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  • younghoss
    We cross-posted.
    I see we agree again.
    The point of such an agreement is not to legally force a kid into good behavior, but rather just fully express both parties' obligations to the other.
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    January 2011
  • muesli
    Hello calmom,
    I'm a sophomore at Barnard and I read your posts when I was an angsty applicant! First I wanted to thank you on behalf of many of my friends (yes we know about you!!) for sticking up for us and helping us (well certainly me) when it seemed rather intimidating. I googled some questions about SIPA and stumbled upon your post regarding your daughter's application several years ago. To be frank I'm quite stressed at the moment about the situation because on the Barnard website it did stress the importance of a "strong quantitative background" in order to apply. I am an int. applicant and have one internship planned at the Peace Palace but I haven't taken any quantitative classes at all, apart from econ 101. I'm terribly sorry to bother you but knowing that your daughter was considered I thought you would be the best person to go to for advice. Any knowledge would be appreciated really -I just didn't know who I could go to for a first hand experience! Thank you calmom!
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    September 2010
  • 205mom
    Calmom, I don't know who you are, but have noticed that you are the consistantly sane voice on this board. Your posts are like a splash of clear water on overheated, sweaty runners' faces.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appriciate your contribution to the dialogues.
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    July 2010
  • acarter
    hi Calmom,
    Congrats on your daughter's graduation! I am an incoming freshman of Barnard and was very inspired by some of your post. Wish your daughter a bright future!
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    May 2010
  • Apollo6
    Hi, I noticed in one of your old posts that you had a gifted daughter who did an exchange year. Sounds like mine - She started hs at 13, took advantage of the best her urban hs had to offer in her first two years and is spending this year in Ecuador with RYE. She'll go to a public boarding school for gifted youth for her last two years. I was interested in hearing about your daughter's experience.
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    December 2009