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  • avankirk
    I had seen in a post that you had experience with deferring an automatic scholarship for a semester. How did that end up working?
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    March 2013
  • TheFallenOne
    Hey just wanted to say thanks for your advice. Even though Kelley and Olin differ, it seems clear based on numbers that finance or Econ & Strategy seems like a better fit, especially considering that consulting and investment banking are very popular for recent college grads and best taken while I'm still young.
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    July 2012
  • Zzb124
    I have been following you this year and want to thank you for your advise here. My son is starting iu in the fall, wants to appy to kelley as a standard admit and your postings have been very helpful. He was going to take csca-a 100 but his counslor recommended bus-x155 which is a new course this year designed to better prepare students for bus-k 201. Have you heard anything about this new course. The rest of his schedule is eng-w 170, math-m 119, AFRI-l 232 and mus-z 401. He will take Bus-c 104 and bus-k 201 in the spring. What do you think. Any advise or comments. Thanks
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    June 2012
  • mickyminhye
    I've read your post/answer to some person asking about is it hard to get accepted to kelly school of business for standard admit. I read your posts but was still quite confused about it so I wanted to ask. You said to take A100, CCSI A110, M119, K204, and X100. I went to Kelly's website to find the requirements and this is the requirement:

    Business Analysis (BUS-A 201, BUS-A 202, BUS-L 201, ECON-E 201, ECON-E 202, BUS-K 201, or BUS-X 201)
    Mathematics (MATH-M 118*, MATH-M 119* or ECON-E 370*)
    Communication (BUS-X 104, BUS-X 204 or ENG-W 131*)
    Among these I don't see K204, CCSI A110, X100, nor A100 -for accounting.
    Could you possibly give me in detail to take which courses in the Fall and then for the Spring/second semester? For liberal arts courses, which ones are easy ones that I could earn in order to get a solid B or higher in? It would be really great if you could give me some advice! Sincerely, mickyminhye.
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    April 2012
  • Jfurman13
    Hey bthomp1,

    I saw you are very involved with answering people's questions about Kelley school of business so I was wondering if you could answer mine..

    So I am a senior in highschool and I will be enrolling at IU this fall. My main goal is to get into Kelley so i was wondering if you could give me a quick breakdown of what classes I should take and also any tips and tricks to get ahead (other than obviously working hard)


    thanks :)
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    April 2012
  • pistolpete463
    It adds up to 13 credit hours, this semester I took K201 M118 X104 X220 and N220 and it wasn't too bad
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    November 2011
  • pistolpete463
    Hey, you are terrific sir.

    Do you think X201, A100, E201, PSY101, and Folk-111 is too much for one semester?
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    November 2011
  • trustyrusty4
    bthomp1, could you please check your private messages? I had typed up some questions about IU and would greatly appreciate your feedback! Appreciate it!
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    July 2011
  • kendrick1980
    could you check out my post please? I have orientation in a couple of days! Greatly appreciated!
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    June 2011
  • bthomp1
    Sorry I took so long to respond.

    This new rule sounds absolutely crazy, if they are counting M118, E201, E202, etc. for distribution option. Students are supposed to be getting 62 credits of general education, but by counting the Icore prerequisites as fulfilling distribution option (instead of just the gen ed), wouldn't everyone then just take a bunch of P.E. classes, easy School of Education classes like multicultural education, etc. I would bet practically anything that the advisor your son talked to is wrong, or you son misunderstood the advisor. It totally defeats the philosophy behind the gen ed requirement.

    Of course, Kelley is remiss here because they have yet to release a bulletin incoming freshman class. But I would be shocked if they did away with the 27 credit hour core. The current Kelley website still says that you can't use econ classes at all for the 27 credit hour core. So the website is wrong or the UD advisor is wrong.
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    June 2011
  • ace550

    Thanks for the reply. S2 is a DA to Kelley. He got credits for W131, M118, and M119 and is hoping for E201, E202, and P101 as AP credits. If he can't get the professor he wants for K201, he will take CSCI A110. Nonetheless, we felt that it would not be easy to get 3.7 to get into Hutton. Therefore, we are wondering if it is worthwhile to take a number of easy courses especially the new S&H and N&M rules seems for real. His advisor confirmed about using E201/E202 to satisfy S&H requirements as a new rule. He may take A201 in local IU campus during Summer. However, he may run out of courses to take in Spring. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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    June 2011
  • patio
    bthomp1, I thought I remember reading about your son living in Ashton or Teter as a second year student? Let me know what it's like there. He's in Kelley,LLC this year and it is party 24/7, walls vibrating at all hours. Quiet hour signs are posted but I guess just for looks!
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    November 2010