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  • cassiebreeze
    I just got into Midd this morning through the online portal. I haven't gotten the actual package in the mail yet. Williams is paying for me to visit the school on the Preview Days, and I don't know yet if Midd will pay for me to visit (I'm assuming that will come in the package). I want Midd over Williams, but I'm not comfortable going to a school I didn't visit. I have decided that I would attend Midd over Williams, but I still really feel the need to visit both. Do you know what Midd bases their travel voucher grants off of?
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    March 2013
  • cassiebreeze
    Hello arcadia. I was recently accepted to Williams College as an early write. It came completely and totally out of the blue; I didn't even know what an early write was. Anyway, I never really had an interest in Williams until that letter came. It was always Middlebury that I was focused on. I plan to do environmental law. I know that Midd has a top notch enviro program, but it seems more williams students get into top notch aw schools. What is your opinion on this? Should I be admitted to Midd next Saturday (9 days. oh my god.) what should I do?
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    March 2013
  • kevinchen1219
    Hi Arcadia, you mentioned that you attended both Duke and Middlebury. Did you do it as undergrad at Midd. and grad at duke? Or transfer?
    How do you feel about the two? It's basically like LAC versus University.
    I'm actually a international student so I don't have the chance to visit the schools as someone suggest in the post.
    I was wondering whether ED Middlebury will be more difficult than Duke.
    I had good gpa but not only fair SAT and Toefl so I regard the ED as a chance for me to get into a reach school. But I was wondering comparing with Duke, whether Midd. is more selective. Well I know it's not definite but I feel a lit bit so.
    Anyway, really thank you for your answer!
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    September 2012
  • indecisive11
    I noticed a very positive comment about Midd that you posted on a discussion board.
    I am currently choosing between attending Brown or Midd, and feel that i need some more advice (that is more unbiased than the Admissions dept). I am also currently on teh waitlist at dartmouth, so I haven't completely ruled it out either...
    What ways do you think Midd would be a better (or worse) choice?
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    April 2010
  • breall
    no need to get feisty, now
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    April 2009