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  • MaybeATischDad
    hi there. my d just got accepted into the atlantic studio at tisch. she's gotten a lot of conflicting information about what she can expect there. we've heard everything from "it's really militant" to "they lock you in for rehearsals" to "a lot of times rehearsals get out at 3 in the morning". wondering if you could set us straight on atlantic or could point us in the right direction?

    thanks a bunch,
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    April 2011
  • khaki's kid

    my d is interested in williamstown theatre festival. can you give me a bit more info.

    many thanks,
    khaki's kid
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    March 2011
  • Billy!
    Hi there! I was just curious as to how you know Chauntee! Small world! But I just wanted to clarify that I was not trying to "portray" her story in any false way. You were right about the seven year thing, though! I met her through community theatre and have talked with her multiple times since. She's given some great advice. Anyway, that's all I have to ask. Have a great day!
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    April 2010
  • MTgrlsmom
    As I am sure you are aware :D CAP21 has been quite 'notorious' for "doing their own thing" for all these years, and NYU has grown increasingly weary of what they see as a conflict of interest (especially in regard to fundraising and 'double dipping' into each others target groups). NYU now wants to have full control over the distribution of funds, and not give CAP21 carte blanche.

    With Liz Bradley on board, NYU's stance changed into a more firm "we can do this better, and also cheaper", likely based on consolidating & sharing resources with other Tisch studios.

    I am not sure if Tisch is actually comparing apples to apples, as the cost of running an MT program (including performing opportunities) is much more expensive than a straight acting program. No matter how careful the wording of Tisch and CAP21's letters today, it is obvious that while Tisch has some type of MT plan, there are lots of unanswered questions that could have easily been anticipated and addressed.
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    June 2009