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    September 2013
  • Tripletime
    Hi vlines, I saw that your son had some great stats and want to encourage you to have him apply to some of the Ivies. I was surprised to learn that they offered much more aid than other traditional schools offered. If you'd like, I can send you soem info on what my S was offered at the schools he apllied to so you can see how big the range is... I think you'd be surprised. Anyway, good luck. I'll also be scouring the CC site again as we have our second S who will be a 2012 high school graduate.
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    July 2011
  • vlines
    Thank you!
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    July 2011
  • poi
    Hi vlines, I know I already posted on your thread (WPI) but I would go for RPI. Your son's rank and and gpa are amazing and his scores are not bad at all and are still very good. Also, maybe Boston University, Trinity (CT/elite type) and Ct. College (elite type that is SAT-ACT test optional) might all be worth a look too. I don't know how they are with aid though. I would keep Maryland on your list for sure as it is a very good school and is also VERY strong in the CS area and I would also apply to VA Tech (very good school and very pretty campus). Best of luck!
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    July 2011