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    Hello, Dr. John,
    I'm wondering how you expect the DVD prescreen requirement for MT to change the numbers of students you see and the audition process for Otterbein? How selective will you be in accepting students for an audition?
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    October 2011
  • dramamom07
    Dear Dr. John,

    Rumor has it that this years acceptance phone calls have already been made. Is this true?
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    March 2011
  • doctorjohn

    The only real limit we have is three minutes for the total package, and we typically allow a 15-20 second grace period. Other than that, it's the student's audition. We say "about 16 bars" because we don't want to be rigid about it. If 32 bars in cut time comes in at between one minute and a minute and a half, that should be fine. The rest of the audition--the ballad and the monologue--just needs to be adjusted accordingly. We don't count bars. I can't promise that for the rest of the world, so you're wise to be preparing different versions.

    Does this help?
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    October 2009
  • Luv2croon
    Dr. John, I have a question re: music cuts. What is the consensus regarding music in cut-time? If doing 32m of uptempo , is it allowable to do a total of 64m? If we only did a true 32m, that makes for an extremely short piece, on one of the pieces we are looking at. We are preparing several versions of songs for different schools...16m, 32m, 1 minute, and full-length (just in case).

    Also, my D found out yesterday that she has been accepted to Otterbein...so, at least that part is over...and we wait till the 15th to request our Unified audition time.
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    October 2009
  • doctorjohn
    Dear Mec3333:

    I deeply apologize for not responding sooner. I almost never check this board, and I didn't see your message until today, September 12. The answer is pretty straightforward: we accept four men and four women in Acting. Combined with the four men and four women in Musical Theatre, they constitute the entire freshman class in performance.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to write to me directly at [email protected]

    Thanks for your interest in Otterbein.

    Dr. John
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    September 2009
  • Mec3333
    Hello Dr.John,
    I'm currently a junior attending a Highschool in MD. I was looking into Otterbein not as a MT major but as a acting major. I was wondering what you could tell me about the program and how many students get into the acting program(how many girls and how many guys?)
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    August 2009
  • doctorjohn

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you've found my posts helpful.

    Your daughter would be in competition with other women who look and sound like her. We try not to take two of the same in any type. But we don't have a pre-determined casting breakdown. This year's senior class, for example, has a 5'5 power belter who played Dolly, a 5' blonde dancer who did Peter Pan, a 5'8 brunette mezzo who played the sexy stewardess in Company and a 5'3 soprano who's a dynamite actress, especially in neurotic roles like Amy in Company. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen have different mixes. I know this probably doesn't help very much. My best advice to your d. is to be the best version of herself that she can be, and comfortable in her own body. We see so many who are not.

    Best wishes with the process!
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    February 2009
  • tinamay
    Dr. John,
    May I please ask you a question? First, I've loved reading your posts. They are very well written and so informative. You have a wonderful way of expressing the truth about the audition process. Thank you! Now, for my question...I read that you choose a class of 8, and in doing so, you put together a mix of styles. You mentioned the 5'5" soprano. This may sound stupid, but can you give me an idea of what the other three women might be? My daughter happens to be a thin blonde, 5'5" power belter (she didn't audition for you this year.) Would she be competing with the soprano or other positions in the class? Can you explain? Thank you so much.
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    February 2009