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  • zonova
    I just wanted to say thanks again for all of the information :) My highschool exams have kicked in, so i've had to slow down on the college research, but once they are over i will be back at it again. I was just wondering, what did you mean when you referred to the committee letter process at UR? I don't actually know how that works. (Sorry, it doesn't allow me to send PMs, i don't have enough posts)
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    March 2013
  • TheLonelyOne
    Hi. I read a comment that you posted, "And while it's certainly possible to major in physics and go to med school --- I have a kid now in med school who did exactly that, it will be much more difficult to major in physics and go to grad school in neuroscience. (My other kid does neuro.....) "

    I'm wondering why that is? Isn't medical school even more competitive than grad school in neuroscience? Thanks.
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    May 2012
  • MConklin
    I just wanted to say thank you for your very thoughtful posts. You are clearly very knowledgable, and I appreciate the information that you help to convey to prospective students... you represent Rochester well!
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    March 2010