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  • Seahorsesrock
    Urban plunge...it's very geared to the students, it's a much calmer move in time. You as a parent wont get all the bells and whistles like the speeches and mass. But we didnt need nor want to sit thru them anyway. We basically moved in first thing. D had choice of bed, etc. When other girls moved in, d was all set and knew the campus well and she still did all the regular freshman orierientation stuff. As well urban plunge was a great program.

    So unless you are all set on the trAdiational move in chaos, I would go for urban plunge for sure
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    April 2012
  • BethesdaMD
    Good morning! My daughter is considering the urban plunge as a new friend is very active with orientation (his home is near us in Bethesda, MD) and he is going to be a great friend. His name is Matt Grandchamp. Anyway, would you recommend the urban plunge or regular move in? We are almost set on the urban plunge as she will get to know people sooner and get into the school in a nice way.
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    April 2012