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    Hi PackMom, i've been reading many cc forums over the past few months and have seen many of your posts! I've mostly been reading forums about whether to choose NC State or UNC Chapel Hill (i've been accepted to both and don't know which to choose!). I saw several posts about your son who chose NC State over UNC, so it would be great if you could tell me why he chose it, what he likes about it, the classes, etc. I'm pretty sure I want to go into either medicine or dentistry, and I'm leaning towards NC State because of the Health PAC organization their, and I would be in the College of Sciences. However, UNC is so well known for academics (especially Biology) it would be hard to pass up. I'm just concerned that I won't get much guidance for a career in medicine from UNC. Sorry if this is a lot, but a response about what your thoughts are on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    April 2013
  • platostan
    PackMom, I am new to this message board, but glad I found it. What are your thoughts about ECU Honors College vs. NC State? I realize this is limited information and can share more if needed.
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    April 2013
  • c00terj
    Hey, I go to a community college in Charlotte and I'm want to transfer into State in the fall as a junior. As of right now my gpa is a 3.5 in high school it was like a 2.5. And I never took the sat or act but I don't think you have to send them in as a junior. I want to apply to the college of humanities and social science. And major in political science. What do you think my chance are? Thanks for the help
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    January 2012
  • keamom
    Hi All. On the topic of housing for Freshman..D is interested in tucker and owen, but part of CHASS. What are the next best dorms on central campus if she can't get into them?
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    February 2011
  • UDMom
    Hi Joanna,

    Just touching base. I've been in Delaware all week staying with my daughter while she studied for her finals - we ended up getting snowed in by the storm and made it home today. FINALLY. =] I am hoping all is well for Jody and Cam, things will heat up after the holiday, tell them to hang tough! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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    December 2009
  • hyeonjlee

    I saw your post that says:

    "S got an NROTC scholarship. It could be used anywhere that he could get into with an NROTC program. He had the stats to get in a lot of places. S chose our big state u. which also gave him two merit scholarships making it a full ride. He will grad./commission in May. "

    I thought that the scholarship can be used for one of the selected NROTC schools they approve for the particular candidate (like one of the three schools that the candidate listed), NOT portable to ANY NROTC school that accepts the candidate. Am I mistaken?

    My second son wants to join the ROTC program, and we are very interested in the scholarship offer (he is only a sophomore, we have time to research further).

    thanks for your answer in advance.
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    March 2009