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  • ParentNH
    Hi PA-C - My son didn't make into CMU either... So finally he is heading to Cornell. The top 4 schools of his choice he couldn't make:(
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    May 2013
  • Justmehere
    Hi, PA-C. I don't have enough posts to PM, but I wanted to answer your questions about the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. It is a recognition-only program (no $) for the top-scorers of the ACT or SAT in each state. You cannot apply and will be notified by mail. Check the program's site in the morning to see if your child makes it as a "candidate" (after doing paperwork+essays, the next step is "semi-finalist," and then "scholar"). It sounds extremely tough to be one of the eventual 2-3 winners from each state. I will find out tomorrow as well. Good luck.
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    January 2013
  • PA-C
    I contacted his GF at his BS and she said the BS received a letter today listing 221 as this year's cutoff. Since son had 224 I am assuming he is NMSF. I guess he will receive a letter in a couple weeks.
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    August 2012
  • Parent1234
    Hi, PA-C. Another NE BS family here. Saw your CC post on 221 score. What can you tell us -- did you (or your awesome son/daughter) get a 221 and hear from the school? Am asking b/c our BS kid got a 221 (and of course, his home state's cutoff is one of the lowest in the country.) Thanks for any info.
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    August 2012