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  • MakeADifference
    I left you a private message, JHS! Thank you so much!
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    August 2012
  • Shrinkrap
    Not high yellow..hmmm..I was thinking "red bone", but ok.
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    November 2011
  • JHS
    The problem is I really know practically nothing about Maths or Programming placement tests at Chicago! I know that you should trust the departments -- they are not trying to hold you back at all or to trick you, only trying to figure out how to get you to the highest level you want to achieve as efficiently as possible. You should understand that one of the WORST ways to do that is to have you be over your head on Day 1, and also that sometimes they wish that they could start at the beginning and teach you everything they think is important without any bad habits you have learned from others. But I have never heard of them holding anyone back without a really good reason -- they will usually support someone who wants to reach a bit higher than he ought to.

    Seriously, you shouldn't worry about this. They are your friends, not your enemies.
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    June 2011
  • cchelp
    Hi JHS,

    Can you please help me with the kind of questions and preferred books on Maths and Programming placement test at UChicago?
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    June 2011
  • sewhappy
    Hi JHS,

    I did a search on CC for anyone who has posted about moving a their child for junior year of high school and was very happy to see that you seem to have gone through this.
    We are about to move from the midwest to New Jersey with our youngest just starting 11th grade. She's been in a private school here and we have lined up a new private school that seem (hopefully) like a good transition very near where we will be working. She's a good student, not quite the testing beast that her brother is but very good grades and pleasant personality. She is quiet but always seems to fit-in well socially. I am so worried about how this will affect her! It is clearly going to be disruptive and she is very worried about "establishing" herself in the new school. We could keep her (and me) behind but it seems like a long time to fragment the family.

    I'm eager for any and all advice on this.

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    July 2010
  • PhilaMom

    May I ask if your child took AP Chem as a sophomore @ CHS?
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    December 2009
  • TwistedxKiss
    I just wanted to thank you for your kind words in the thread about non-drinking students. Getting an unexpected lift like that in the self-esteem department is always nice. :) I never know if I should really be posting in the parents forum but I have had a lot of trials growing up and like to think that my insights can help some parents help their children that can relate to me.
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    October 2009