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  • vanboingy
    I couldn't send a private message back, don't have enough posts. But yes that is her account, I think she abandon it though when I posted with it on accident though.
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    April 2013
  • GMTplus7
    Dear Int'l Dad,

    I have not seen published drop rates, but then again I have not been looking for them on the schools' websites.

    In a discussion I had w a dean at our son's school, the dean said that the school had on avg a 2% drop rate per year. The anecdotes we hear form our son is that some of the drops are disciplinary (i.e. academic dishonesty or substance abuse) and some are not (i.e. medical reasons like eating disorder).

    My intent in sharing this thread was NOT to scare people off from applying, but to promote a sense of realistic expectations.

    Too many kids and parents on this site are so gungho HADES, HADES, HADES. I just want them to appreciate how intense these schools can be. I am not bashing HADES schools (our son is enrolled in one). Be he has said that it is very stressful and he is often sleep-deprived.

    Congrats again to your family for getting your child in on the second attempt. I'm glad that you are able to join this forum and share your experience!
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    November 2012
  • InternationalDad
    Hi GMT+7
    On your post "Families entering the BS world with eyes open: know the DOWN SIDE" - I believe that overall drop rate is published by the school. It may not be super clear but shcools do reveal their drop rates.
    For example, if we take PEA printed facts - in 2011/2012, total enrolment was 1,062. They sent off 308 graduates, and added 340 new students in this Fall - so they should have a new total enrolment of 1,094 in 2012/2013 but they stated in the latest brochure 1,071. Thus 23 students dropped out for whatsoever reasons - and that's 2% overall drop rate.
    PEA is not known to add new students in between terms, that should be PEA's drop rate. Comments?
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    November 2012
  • GMTplus7
    Girls are competing against girls, and boys are competing against boys for admission slots. The coed schools want to achieve a 50:50 balance in each entering class.

    The girl pool of applicants tend to have more competitive resumes than the boys (e.g., higher GPA). So for a boy, it is easier to stand out among the crowd of boys if you are a high achiever.
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    August 2012
  • Murphy600
    Why is it easier if you are a boy getting in to boarding school?
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    August 2012