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  • CANCmom
    Hi and thanks much. Yes. It's perfect. She's not sure why she didn't jump on it. Admissions people said because it's only 20 students they need to handle it on a case-by-case and only gave her till 4/5. Yep. Absolutely free. Anyway, UNC-Chapel Hill is offering a full scholarship on a Ph.D. track. A special new program with 20 kids. Poor kid is only 17 and is worried she won't be able to change fields if she decides to (Webb) and, well, we live in Chapel Hill. It's soooo safe. It's hard to argue with her, though she doesn't know if she'd major in math or physics - as they DON'T OFFER ENGINEERING. Ouch. But these were her two best offers - Well, she's accepted her spot on Duke waitlist mostly out of curiosity. That and paternal grandparents directed her to. I want to know about your situtation too!!
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    April 2013
  • apply2school
    stumbled on this email?
    i definitely need help with the filling out any and all financial forms!! we are US citizens in India and am doing the process on our own - no GCs - No dollar incomes - so way below - and struggling.
    can you send me the link please??

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    October 2010
  • compscimom
    Hi FlMathMom, I read one of your posts where you spoke about a site you subscribe to that discussed some schools my son is applying to. His is interested in WPI,RPI, URochester, Rice, CMU, HMC for computer science. Would you be able to send me the site so I can see what they have to say? Any addtl. info about these schools is greatly appreciated since our GCs at his school now NOTHING about any OOS colleges!! Thanks so much!!
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    October 2010