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  • CASmom
    Dear Mr. Berry,
    On the College Life forum there is a recent thread titled "Poor Social Skills". At the top of the second page of comments there is a post by a student, whose screen name is Titletown, that I find very alarming. In that post he says that "I want to put a bullet through my head every day because of the fact that I can't make friends". I read through this student's previous posts and he has clearly been struggling for over a year now, both with grades and with social isolation. I was going to PM him to urge him to see a counselor at his school but I am just a mom, not a professional, and I'm kind of afraid I might say the wrong thing. Do you know of any adult CC contributors who are mental health professionals who might be able to contact him? It's final exam time at most colleges and I am very afraid for this student's safety. Please help.
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    May 2012
  • Jazain2012
    is it generally frowned on to ask a department chair at a school you are auditioning if your selections for audtion are in line with what they want. i can see it going both ways... interested student in doing their best and thinking student needs to find this out on their own.
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    January 2012
  • dadofdaughters

    thank you for all you add to college confidential.

    one question:

    why doesn't barnard college have its own thread?

    i can't find it anywhere.

    is this an oversight or a statement?

    perhaps pm me your response along with a post?

    thanks in advance.

    be well

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    March 2011
  • blue_box
    Hi Dave.

    There's a new user named jalopaki . Seems to be a troll-only account. I don't know if moderation is part of your job (if it isn't, please forward this to a moderator). Could you please review his contributions, and take action accordingly?
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    April 2010
  • levirm
    Hi Dave,
    I posted a question on CC (in the college life section) about cigarette smoking among college students. Specifically, I wanted to know which colleges have the most/fewest smokers, and whether this followed any trends.
    I actually think that this is a very important topic and wondered if you could make it one of your polls or featured discussions.
    As a parent, I was shocked to learn from my kids' friends that some of them attend colleges where almost everyone smokes! To me, this is an "indicator" and people should think about this when they consider colleges. I don't know how else to get this information in a more scientific way, and I also think that this may have changed recently. I also think that the topic is worthy of discussion.
    Thanks for your consideration.
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    December 2009
  • julienyu
    Hi Dave

    I'm an international student looking for advice on my essays. It's not always safe to share my essays on CC. Can you tell me a good place to go to for help? Thank you.
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    September 2009
  • Dave_Berry
  • deepa
    My son is appearing for SAT in June'09. He wants to pursue his bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering or in Computer science. Please let me know about the scholarships or financial aid available for international students?
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    June 2009