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  • spackler
    Props to the Bob. Great posts and follow ups. Some schools give free tuition to NMF but that may have a higher dollar value than a free ride at an inexpensive school. If $ is the only criteria which school or group of schools award based on NMF has the highest dollar value?
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    February 2013
  • PA-C
    thank you for the info on merit money at univ of chicago!
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    December 2012
  • aemichaels
    Hi, I need help with getting a scholarship out of state. Have a 3.5 GPA but ACT of 22. HELP!
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    November 2012
  • fredsfam
    Hello Bob, I am mother of a class of 2013 student. We are anxiously awaiting the NM cutoff for Texas, as his PSAT score is 218. So, we are working on plan A, B and C and are interested in the list you posted for big NM scholarships. Is your information up to date as of the date you posted it? There are many lists out and about, but some have outdated information. Thanks!
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    July 2012
  • Ahmed315
    Sir, your posts and threads have always been really helpful and highly appreciated by every member on CC. I believe I can get all the necessary information and guideline I need from you and the other wise members here on CC.

    I'm confused - should I not look up the list I shared at all? I mean, should I consider that a material that is totally unrelated to my criteria?

    What happens if I get the required scores? Can't I get a full ride at schools that don't have "NMF" next to them?

    If the list you shared, has all the schools which guarantee a full ride, I don't see why I should go and look for other materials.
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    July 2012