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  • theartsytype
    Sawadee Kah :)
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    October 2012
  • shambles2012
    heyy, does UCSD has a website for students to rate their teachers--just like UCLA's bruinswalk?
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    August 2012
  • nujabes29
    hey bro, you attend UCSD right? have u had any exposure to upper div econ ? i think from your posts i've seen you have completed all the 20 series for lower div
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    April 2011
  • AdrenalineJunkie
    Hello, I've heard you help make schedules. I was wondering if you could help me with mine. I'm a Muir Student.

    These are the classes I would like to take.
    Math 20 A
    Chem 6A
    and one GE, (which I have no idea what to take, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated).

    Thanks in advance.
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    August 2010
  • yunjh2725
    omg thank you! i don't know how you can be this nice!
    soo for my warren schedule... i should take -warren writing 10A
    -formal skill
    if i'm interested in public policy, law, and communitcation. and i checked out the departments for these and communication required COGN20 and public policy required PS10. so these two should be my fofcs?
    -is it best to take 2 fofcs because they are part of Warren's GEs?... right? '_'
    -for my interested majors, they don't really require hard math classes,,, so what do i take as a formal skill GEs? i passed all my ap calcs with 4 and a 5

    omg i'm so sorry to bombard you with all these questions! but please help me =(!
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    August 2010