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Hi, on September I am going to start my Junior Year. However, I like to plan ahead, and this is why I would like some tips on areas where I could improve and I would also like to know wether I can get into an IVY League school.

I will post the data vaguely:

My GPA: 3.0/4.0 (I plan on raising this)

Ethnicity: Latin

EC's: (I've summarised these in order to make a shorter list)

4 One Act English Plays
School TV Reporter
3 Model UN Conferences

Exchange Experiences:
USA Boarding School

Post of Responsibility
Library Monitor
Classroom Rep
French Tutor
Member of the International Committee

3 House Building Projects
House Building Chincha
Social Service at a public school

Varsity Volleyball
Thirds Soccer

Other Activities
Spanish Play
Woodworking Club
History club
Science Club

2 Certificates of Introduction to Acting
2nd Place in the Cooking Competition

I have not yet taken any examinations, I plan on doing most of them during my junior year. Please tell me what you think about my students profile so far!

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