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Why isn't dentistry as popular as medicine?? Med vs Dent?

SleepyooSleepyoo 2 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
Why don't people want to be dentists? All my friends are going into the medical field but they all want to be physicians..
Is dentistry really that bad/nasty?
What is the difference between Med school and Dental school??!

I would really like opinions from dentists/physicians or from med/dental students

Thank you
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Replies to: Why isn't dentistry as popular as medicine?? Med vs Dent?

  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 60 replies3 discussions Junior Member
    Dentists have far more autonomy than do physicians. The solo practice is alive and well for dentists---not so much for physicians.

    Part of the reason people don't clamor to go into dentistry is that it's much more limited field to start with. Dentist work in people's mouths and on their teeth. They don't do anything else. In medicine, there are many options (and body systems) to choose from.

    Also the idea of putting their hands in someone's mouth squicks some people. As does the idea of working in such a small, restrictive space.

    Dentistry requires excellent hand-eye coordination and 3-D visualization skills. (Something not necessarily required of doctors.)

    Also I think many folks have bad memeories of going to the dentist. People equate the dentist with pain. The helper personality of those going into medicine tend to find the thought of inflicting pain repugnant. (Though doctors inflict pain too, but I think the doctor = pain association is less common.)

    Lastly, there is an unjust perception that all dentists go into dentistry because they "couldn't get in" to med school.
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