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What do you think of this letter to my teacher?

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Title says it all. I am incredibly close to my chemistry teacher, who I work with in Science Research Club. He has helped me with A LOT. I don't know if sending this letter will be a bad thing, or if it's cheesy or sappy, but I really wanted to express my thanks. Here is the letter:

I hope you are well. I just want to express my gratitude for your influence over the past two year.

You may remember my thoughts, which then evolved into a desire to explore my opportunities a bit more. The past few months were quite tough, in that I didn’t have a firm decision in what exactly I wanted to do with my passion for science. I remember feeling lost, confused, questionable, and even scared at times. While there were many outside factors, I have come to decide that I want to become a secondary science teacher.

You may ask: Which branch of science? I have still have yet to decide that. It’s quite funny, honestly, that what I really want out of my life is something that has been in front of me all this time, and I didn’t realize it till later. Yes, I did dream of being a doctor, then an engineer, and back and forth countless times. But as I head into those fields and learn more, I learn more about myself.

While desiring to be a doctor, I seemed to put tons of pressure on myself. I have to be perfect in this, I have to be perfect in that. The competition is cutthroat, and it’s not good for a budget. As I learned more,, it seemed to me that I had other passions I wanted to continue in life, but then I wouldn’t really be able to keep up with them, since medicine would have become my life. I do at times feel regret in giving up a dream I had since I was a little child, but to have the weight lifted off of me gives me a huge confidence boost. It is so worth it.

As for engineering, it was such an interesting field to me. To have my eyes opened through my science fair project was a factor. But to put it more simply, it doesn’t really seem to fit me. I loved the science field. I did feel outside pressure since it was such a good option (me being female, family full of engineers, growing field), but it wasn’t what I really wanted.

What I really want to achieve in life is to apply my knowledge in the service to others. Science serves humankind. I wanted to help out a broad spectrum of people, and inspire them, just like you have for me. To see you so happy in your dedication in something you love is such an amazing thing. I love science, and I hope to inspire that in students.

I know some people may think I’m crazy for turning these two options down, but I would be crazy to pursue something that I didn’t really feel passionate about.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. What else can I say about these past two years?

I look forward to working with you in my senior year. And, please expect questions in trying to reach my goal. Thank you again.
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