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Would you grade with +/- grading?


Replies to: Would you grade with +/- grading?

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 295 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    Note that law schools count undergraduate A+ grades as 4.33 for admission purposes.

    So it can be slightly advantageous for law school application purposes to go to an undergraduate school where A+ grades may be given (even if the undergraduate school does not assign them higher than a 4.00 for its GPA purposes).

    Academic Record | LSAC.org
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  • turbo93turbo93 27 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    The +/- system helps 'weaker' students get a better GPA by making a high C a C+ (C++ :)) but messes up 'stronger' students by making A-'s out of A's.

    I feel the Elbonian grading system (0-10) where one's grade is a percentage grade (scaled down to 10) of the entire course is a better representation rather than a 'bucket'.
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