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Spring Intake? Wow!! :D 2nd Chance.

preetsinghpreetsingh 7 replies4 discussions
I am a high school senior and I did not apply to any college as I wasn't ready for it.
Now seeing all my friends geared up,raring for the college experience,I got the drive but again lost all hope as college apps were already closed.
Now,someone told me about the spring intake!!!
1)Which colleges offer this wonderful second chance?
2)I will be needing a LOT of financial aid.I have by no means the best grades but like expecting a 5 on AP Chem,Calc BC,Phy C(both). (SAT2 -- phy 730, chem 710, math 740)
I haven't taken the ACT/SAT but plan so.

This spring intake means so much to me right now.Which are these colleges?
I am willing to do hardwork....... just that I am late :(

I'll probably major in mech engineering and I am US citizen but not living in the US,if that helps.

Thanks for your time
Help appreciated.
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  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 54 replies3 discussions Junior Member
    There is nothing wrong with taking a gap year, in fact I encouraged my own kids to do so.
    You have lots to do.
    Take college entrance exams, find out what your families affordability level is, what schools are good for your GPA & major, as well as arranging your gap year.
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  • saxsax 4 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    I know you are excited to try and get into school for January 2014. I hate to bring you down to earth but I believe you need to wait until fall 2014.

    It's the money. I believe you will have a better chance at money if you apply as a freshman for 2014.

    I know it seems like forever but it will go fast and allow you to research schools and not rush your applications.

    As you have found you will continue to grow and change over the next year.
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  • mathmommathmom 69 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    It's not just that, but most spring admits apply at the regular time, but because they are slightly weaker candidates are made to wait till January. There is a thread about schools that still have open spots, you could start at a community college, or you can make the best of a gap year and have interesting experiences that might help make up for a spotty academic record.
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  • sacchisacchi 11 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    There are still some colleges accepting applications for fall 2013.
    Space Availability Survey Results 2013
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  • kelbeekelbee 3 replies2 discussions
    Listen to Sax. Applying as a freshman for the Fall of 2014 will get you the best chance at financial aid. If you attend community college, you'll be considered a transfer and there's usually less Fin Aid available.

    What you should now is select a handful of schools you might be interested in applying to. With your parents, fill out the Net Price Calculator on their websites. It doesn't matter if you decide to apply to these schools or not. Just fill them out. Get a sense of what different schools would offer you in financial aid if you applied as a freshman. Try several different types of schools (private, public, etc.). If the EFC (expected family contribution) looks doable, assume it might actually be a few thousand dollars higher, then wait until next year and don't do community college. If it looks high, then you need to consider whether starting at a community college is a better financial bet.

    Lots to consider. Spend time reading through threads in the Fin Aid forum.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 100 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    preetsingh -

    What happened to your plan to move to the US, get a job and try to establish in-state residency on your own before enrolling in college? As I recall, you have significant financial need, no ACT or SAT general test exam scores, and no state of residence here. Applying for second semester admission will probably just be a huge expense for your family, without much change of getting the aid that you need. It also won't resolve the issue of being out-of-state everywhere.

    Truly, unless your back-up plan is to complete your undergrad in India, the sooner you get yourself here, the better. Move in with the relatives, get a job, and start from there.
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  • xraymancsxraymancs College Rep 41 replies0 discussions New Member
    Waiting until Fall 2014 is not a bad idea but there are some engineering schools among the Association of Independent Technological Universities: AITU which have rolling admissions. If you do a Google search of CC you can find a number of threads on this topic. Since you are U.S. Citizen, you won't have the long process of getting an F-1 visa (not always a sure thing...).
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  • preetsinghpreetsingh 7 replies4 discussions
    Yes.... the plan is the still on!!

    That was good information about "less financial aid being offered for spring intakes"

    Actually the thing is I want that community college should be my last resort!
    How about sophomore year transfer??

    Is there something like sophomore intake? If yes,then which are these lovely colleges :D
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  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 54 replies3 discussions Junior Member
    You will receive much less financial aid as a transfer than as a freshmen applicant.
    If that is a concern, it is best to optimize your aid by presenting the best application you can( essays, scores references...) and applying as a freshman to targeted schools.
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  • wis75wis75 19 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    Also consider the academics. Waiting a year may get you courses more in line with your abilities than options available now. That community college math or science course may not challenge you enough for you to do well and the material may not prepare you for transfer to a college that meets your academic needs.
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