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Acceptance rescission?

PlasmaPlasma 0 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
Background information:
So I was accepted (RD) into Weinberg as a cognitive science major. When I applied, I had around a 3.8 cumulative GPA weighted and A's and B's my first semester of senior year. Before that I had a C from junior year physics and like 2 C's from sophomore year. Several things happened this second semester (I won't go into details, but I'll say that if NU contacts me/my school about my grade, on a scale of 1-10, my excuse is about as good as a 5), and I'm at considerable risk for getting a D in regular English.

Think my acceptance will get rescinded for a D in regular english? Will a D+ vs. D vs. D- make a difference at this point?

I know there are lots of similar threads on CC but none that I've looked at have had quite the same circumstances as my situation does. If you think more information is necessary/would help, I can give it. I'm really just looking for someone who is knowledgeable about rescission at NU specifically.

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  • zephyr15zephyr15 27 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    I can't answer your specific questions. Also, I respect your privacy and would never ask about your reasons.

    This being said, if you feel you have a legitimate reason for a poor grade, you should speak to your guidance counsellor (or if this is medical, to your MD) and ask if they would be prepared to write a letter explaining your circumstance. Such a letter from a professional is likely to be more helpful than an explanation from you.
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  • PieceofToastPieceofToast 8 replies0 discussions
    I torpedoed my GPA senior year of high school. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Worst you'll get is a letter of concern that no one will care about once you get here.
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  • flyingfish18flyingfish18 2 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    I heard somewhere that they've only rescinded two admissions over the last several years, and they were due to legal/behavioral problems. As long as you don't have a D in every class, you're fine.
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  • icepulse937icepulse937 1 replies0 discussions
    Here's where you saw it, @flyingfish

    A Warning: Colleges Can Change Their Minds - NYTimes.com

    I really think you'll be okay. The way I see "severe drop-off" would be getting multiple or straight C's, D's, or F's.
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