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Ahh....are there are any relatively cheap, semester schools in the Los Angeles area?

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...that AREN'T state?

I'm missing some courses for grad school prereqs, and I need to take them ASAP. I would prefer a semester school since quarters are calculated really strangely in the application (and I would have to take 2 quarters for each semester I need), and being cheap would be a bonus because help, I don't have 10 grand to blow on three courses. =(

The reason I'm not looking for state universities is because my college advisor told me to shy away from schools that appeared too easy, since I went to a relatively difficult university and taking the "easy route" postbac would give the wrong impression. I def know how ridiculous this sounds (!!!!), but I honestly have no idea how these officers think anymore and would just like to play it safe at present. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be incredibly, amazingly grateful for any help. Thank you guys ... you're the best!
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