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How bad is it...

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I am a Florida resident, but attended and graduated from a public high school in Norway just last year. Since then, I have been taking dance classes, working 20-30 hrs per week and paid my way through a private school designed for taking high school classes otherwise not offered at the high school institution I was enrolled in.

Summarized; I went to an acting focused high school where certain courses (Chemistry, Physics, advanced Maths) were not part of the mandatory curriculum, and therefore not available to me.

The school I have been attending this year is kind of special, as it incorporates two years of Chemistry and Maths into two separate semesters, meaning I have one year to study what is otherwise spread out over two years at a normal high school in this country. My first semester, everything appeared to be all right, but this second semester, things have changed, and I fear my admission to a college in Florida is at risk of being rescinded.

In January, the place I work at was robbed while I was the only one on shift. Around 11:45PM, fifteen minutes before my shift ended, two guys came in and held a gun at me. I was left unharmed, physically, but left mentally traumatized and terrified for the longest time. Since then, I have been back and forth with the police. I have later attended an obligatory session with a psychologist, the police caught the men behind the robbery, and I testified in court. However, this experience has come to affect me in more ways than one.

Even now, it is still a very hard thing for me to talk about, and this life/death situation still haunts me to this day, as I will spontaneously break down or have difficulty concentrating on a simple task. It is, however, not nearly as bad now as it was the first 3-4 months following the robbery. I quit my job, dropped out of Physics, am unable to attend a theoretical exam for Phys Ed. due to an orientation I am required to participate in at the school that admitted me, and on top of all this I worry how I'll do for the Chemistry and Math exams coming up next week - the only classes I'll be able to show on my report card for this year.

As it stands, I am truly fearful of having my admission rescinded. It would mean the world for me to hear your opinions on the matter.

Thank you ahead of time.
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    I'm so sorry that such a traumatic thing happened to you, but I wouldn't lose hope yet. I'm still in high school, so I'm afraid I don't have much expertise on the subject. Still, I would say study well for your tests and don't worry too much until you actually find out whether you are at risk for having your admission rescinded (I don't know whether your college has this information online). Either way, I would send a letter explaining your situation with your final transcript as soon as possible so you can give them any supplementary information they need and hear back from them early on. Best of luck, and I hope things work out.
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    I'll try my best. That seems like all I can do at this point. I'll probably send a letter with my transcripts, as you suggested. I suppose it would be better than nothing.

    Thanks :)
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