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Taking 18 credits as a transfer

JaguarPawJaguarPaw 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
I was accepted to Gallatin as a transfer for this fall. I'm concentrating in music performance and graphic design. I'm signing up for one music performance course, one design course, one interdisciplinary seminar, one transfer research seminar, and one two credit music course, which amounts to 18 credits. Basically only two are hardcore academic writing-based courses. The rest are artistic, plus I love the subject matter.

Is that manageable or am I setting myself up for failure? I have a ridiculous amount of free time with this schedule because the arts classes only meet once a week, but I don't want to sabotage my GPA/sanity.

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  • NYU2013NYU2013 42 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    That depends on how well you manage your time/work. Students in CAS normally take 16 credit. One of my friends in Tisch regularly took 18 credits.

    I, personally, never took 18 credits, but I wouldn't imagine it being too difficult. During the summer students are allowed to take 8 credits per six week summer session; I took 14 credits during one six week session (for a total of 22 credits over the summer) without any problems.
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  • JaguarPawJaguarPaw 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    I'm taking 17 at my normal school and it's extremely easy, but I guess that's part of the reason why I'm transferring. I know I can handle it, I just don't know if I can handle it during my first semester. Maybe I'm over-estimating how difficult the transition will be...
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