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Transferring out of NYU! Help please!

WH2013WH2013 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion

I just finished my freshman year at NYU and I think it is best for me to leave for my future. Although NYU allows for a great education, I need a more modern program for internet studies. This is my reason for transferring along with the fact that i want to be at a school with sports and a campus.

Here is just a little background on me:
HS GPA: 3.5
SAT: 1880
(I might retake because I think i can get over 1950 maybe if i go again, good idea?)

NYU GPA: 3.65
- Created a club

These are my top choices for transfer, if I cant get into them, I figure i will just stay at NYU, but I would like to leave for academic reasons and social reasons as well:

1: Dartmouth
2: Cornell
3. Notre Dame
4. Duke
5. Michigan

These schools have a better business within new media program that I am looking for (besides Duke).

This is some more background that to me is just as important as my grades:

Created online company that has almost 100 million hits
- I use the webs tie to build schools in the most impoverished areas of Africa
- Use the website to promote legislation
- Use website to help promote awareness of wounded veterans

Based on this, what do you think my chances are? If i get a good internship for the summer, will that help? Thanks!
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  • kayfkayf 44 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    Are you a minority? The SATs look low otherwise. If not, are you in LSP? Transferring to an ivy, your SATs look low.
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  • NYU2013NYU2013 42 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    "I need a more modern program for internet studies"; my first question would be what is internet studies and secondly I doubt any other schools have a 'more modern program'.

    Your GPA and SATs are too low for all the the schools you're trying to get into, I wouldn't expect you to get into any of them, at the very least, definitely not Duke, Cornell or Dartmouth. You might have a chance at Notre Dame and maybe Michigan.

    My next question to you would be why Notre Dame? Every other school you've listed, including the one you currently attend, are all quite liberal. Notre Dame OTOH is very Christian and comparatively very conservative.
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  • WH2013WH2013 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    @nyu2013 compared to nyu, yes, many schools have better internet studies programs, especially the ivys, and notre dame was well.

    As far as the SATs, if i retake them and can get a 1950, would that be a competitive score for these schools or no?

    Notre Dame has a campus and a good media/business studies program. That is why it is on my list, idc if it is very christian or conservative.

    @kayf Im not a minority, but I'm in Gallatin. What would be a good SAT score for those schools?
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  • jojojocircusjojojocircus 1 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    To be honest, for the schools you listed (especially Duke, Cornell, Dartmouth), an SAT score of 2100 is the bare minimum (especially if you are not a URM), and 2250+ to have somewhat of a shot. However, these schools may be more forgiving of low scores if you can communicate your interests and your passion about your studies in your app.

    With that said, I would retake the SAT and try to get at least a 2100 and perfect your essays.
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