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National YoungArts competition

SopraNOPESopraNOPE 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
I really hope this is the appropriate subforum...

Anyway, I am considering sending in an audition DVD to the YoungArts foundation when they open up applications in June (which for some reason was delayed from May, but I digress) for Musical Theatre. My questions are- is it worth it? If I'm invited to perform in Miami, how would that look on a college application? How would it help for auditioning to MT programs?

I'm going into this thing blind, considering there aren't many professional thespians where I live to tell me much about this program.
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  • nobusinessnobusiness 1 replies0 discussions
    SopraNOPE, do it. My D was fortunate enough to go to Miami for the Young Arts week way back in January 2010....I think she would concur that it made not one iota of a difference in her auditions but the contacts/relationships made, and more importantly the incredible experience itself, still to this day prove invaluable to her. Go for it!
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  • AdaQuinceAdaQuince 2 replies0 discussions
    It definitely does not hurt!! It is a relatively easy application and submission process. If you are auditioning for schools next year, you can even use one of your audition pieces. Just don't wait until the last minute. Though the submission process via upload to YoungArts' website was relatively easy, there were some kinks that are best to work out when you are not in a panic because it is the last minute. It is a nice addition to your resume, no matter what your honor might be. And like nobusiness said, probably didn't make a heck of a difference for college acceptances but it was a nice uplifting boost just prior to audition season. Best of luck to you!
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  • MomCaresMomCares 5 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    Go for it! As others have said, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

    Both our D and S were YoungArts winners - D for MT in 2011 and S for an instrument in 2013. The Miami experience was FANTASTIC, and I do think having attended helped at least two MT kids D's year get into specific schools, and maybe more.

    In addition to the scholarship money, which is great because it is given directly to you so you can spend it for anything, they also provide a letter to college admissions folks, though this year S's letter arrived too late to be of any real use to him. In addition, Miami winners make lots of amazing contacts, both with trainers and the other winners, which D has happily maintained - including at least 3 other YoungArts MT kids who attend her current school.

    Here's a past thread which might also have some useful info.


    Good luck to all who apply this coming year!
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