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Bachelor of science at McGill?? (E.P.M.C)

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I was admitted into my second choice at McGill (Bachelor of Science in Earth,physical, math & comp. Science). My first choice was the BsC in Biomed,biology and life sciences.

I read that I could do an intra-faculty transfer to my first choice after freshman year, that would be perfect, but I was wondering how hard it was to transfer? what are the chances?

Also I was admitted to U of T for Life Sciences, and thats whats making me very indecisive.
I REALLY want to go to McGill but since my goal is medical school I'm not sure the Bachelor of science in Earth,physical,math & comp. Science is very appropriate (although I could do an interdisciplinary life sciences minor along with it). Would Life sciences at U of T be a better choice?

If anyone has any advice it would be MUCH MUCH appreciated :)
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