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Transferring to McGill

IWannaGo2McGillIWannaGo2McGill 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User
Okay so long story short, I graduated high school last June (2012) and was accepted at UBC for the sciences program. This would have required me to move away, and since my parents weren't supporting me, I ended up applying (very late) to a local Polytechnic University, got in, but didn't get into any of the classes I wanted.

I took creative writing in the Fall, and failed. I've taken 2 Chem classes so far and have gotten a C+ in each one (A+ in the lecture, but really low lab marks have limited the grade I could get).

Other than that, I've had English (A+) and 3 Math classes (Two A's and an A-). But because of the creative writing and chem classes, my GPA is horrendous, a meager 2.8.

Now my questions:

1) I really really want to transfer over to McGill and go into Mathematics, but realize that it isn't possible with my current GPA. BUT, I am willing to spend some time in the Arts faculty and then switch over the Science later. Thing is, the deadline for transfer students has already passed (for September 2013), so I'd be a late applicant. Should I apply anyways, or would it be a waste of time/money?

2) If I repeat the courses I did bad in, and get better marks the second time around, will McGill use the new grades to calculate my GPA, or an average of the two?

3) I know this is the McGill forum, but what would my chances be for transferring over to Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (assuming McGill is a no-go)? Would it be significantly easier?

Thanks for your time guys, this is really stressing me out :(
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  • Zilch3Zilch3 7 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    According to the website, you need a 3.5 for arts and a 3.7 for Science so really there's not that much of a difference. I'm afraid you probably wont be accepted with these grades. You could always just say you had a gap year, never went to university and apply with high school grades if that's better.
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