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McGill Reconsideration Help!

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I was denied from McGill Desautels for not having a high enough average, although I do meet the admission average now. However, now I have to apply for reconsideration and apparently only 1% of people in the past 3 years have gotten accepted through this process. Do you think, by meeting the requirement, including a letter about my many leadership and extracurricular activities, and 2 support letters from my principal and my IB coordinator would help me in my efforts? Desautel's is my dream school and I really want to go there!

I also have been in contact with the managing director of Desautel's Institute of Integrated Management, about a new program that they're trying to introduce. I have stated my interest in the program and will also talk about my interest in the reconsideration letter, stating that I have been in contact with the director.

Finally, do you know anyone who has been reconsidered and accepted at McGill? Any help would be awesome!
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