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Do you get paid more the longer you are educated?

darkaerogadarkaeroga 8 replies11 discussions
I want to double major in applied physics and an engineering major. It will most likely take me 5 years at certain colleges. I absolutely love physics and I do not know if I want to get a phd in it, I want to have job security in the end of my graduation. My teacher told me that the longer you attend school, the more your stock goes up. Is this true, will I get paid more than an engineer who graduated in 4 years with one degree?
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  • T26E4T26E4 79 replies9 discussions Junior Member
    Going into analytical areas of study, it surprises me that you can't discern what goes on in the job market. Length of education does not equal qualifications. Obviously the more qualified one is, the more he/she might be able to secure a better job (potentially higher pay).

    You might more readily get a job over someone with a single major. Entry jobs may or may not have salary ranges -- if not, then the job offer might have a set salary, whoever gets the job.

    However, there's no fixed "this guy has 2 majors so we need to pay him more" rule out there.

    There is no straightforward answer to your question
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  • darkaerogadarkaeroga 8 replies11 discussions
    I am only in high school, you are right that I know very little of the job market, I am not experienced and I have no one to guide me. I do not know how valuable my interests are. I guess thats why I asked the question in the first place. Thanks for your response.
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  • kanickkanick 43 replies1 discussions
    Your teacher may have been talking about becoming a teacher. For educators, the more college credit hours they have the more they get paid. Most school districts have pay scales for teachers ranging from Bach to Bach+15 Bach +30 (credits) with more pay the more credit hours you have. Other than that I do not know with other jobs.
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  • Ghost73Ghost73 7 replies1 discussions
    Don't listen to your teachers.
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