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Choosing between Toronto or Waterloo

mathgenius27mathgenius27 1 replies5 discussions Forum Champion
I have been admitted to the University of Toronto for Engineering Science and to the University of Waterloo for Mechatronics Engineering. Toronto has PEY and Waterloo has Co-op. Thus, I will be able to gain work experience before I graduate. I am just wondering which program will be able to give me the edge in acquiring a job after graduation. Also, which one will give me the edge if I want to apply to some of the most renowned universities in the United States (such as Caltech, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.) for grad school?
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  • Trinity788Trinity788 4 replies0 discussions
    Both the programs are very good.

    Waterloo is well known for their Co-Op programs. Mechatronics is unique in combining ME, EE, CS & Systems engineering.
    Engineering science at Toronto is also unique in applying engineering to solve real world problems.

    With Waterloo's engineering + co-op training, it may be easier to get a job after graduation, while with UT's engineering science, there is a higher chance (60%), of gaining admission to graduate school.

    You may need further information.

    1. Do the Professional Experience Year (PEY), and the Co-Op program guarantee acceptance to all the applicants? Just because the universities offer summer training programs does not mean that every engineering student can get into Co-op/PEY.

    2. What is the average GPA of graduating seniors from both the programs? Gaining admissions to graduate Schools, especially the ones like MIT, CalTech etc. requires fairly high GPA (> 3.7).

    3. What percentage of Mechatronics students co-op at non automotive companies? If it
    is too automotive centric, it may steer the students to that industry for jobs after graduation.
    Diversified co-op experience provides more options (at different industries) for jobs post graduation.
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