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Messed up Maths Studies Exam? - (please read before calling me an idiot)

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Hello. Right well I somehow managed to mess up my Paper 2 IB maths studies exam. As in, left two questions blank.

I have already got acceptance to a good college with a scholarship, hoping to pursue a biochemistry major. I know math isn't my strong point (evidently) but it seems to be getting worse by the year.

I am worried if this potentially low score in what is by far the EASIEST math course available will warrant a rescinded college admission?

I was predicted a 6 for maths studies (which was then changed to a 7 after I admitted my predicted grades), and got a 7 in my coursework. I feel I did well in my Paper 1, likely scoring a 6/7. So it's unlikely I'll get lower than a 5 in Maths Studies what with bombing out on paper 2, but it is an EXTREMELY easy course relative to the courses other people take. I am worried that the college will ask questions and possibly rescind my admission seeing as it's so easy.

I got a level 5 overall (just) when I took SL maths (end of year internal exams) the year before (but required a lot of work, hence my dropping down) and 600 on my SAT Math and an A in IGCSE higher maths in 10th grade. So this is rather uncharacteristic of me.

I've noticed that some days I can do college level math, the stuff the HL Math students do (just to see what it's really like. Probably in a vain attempt to convince myself I am not mathematically retarded) without a problem, then a few hours later I will completely forget what I was doing and revert to having issues with Venn diagrams and whatnot. It's weird.

Long story short, Am I in trouble for potentially scoring low in the easiest math class on earth?

I am hesitant to ask the college personally seeing as the grades don't come out until July. Just want to know if anyone else is/was in a similar situation.
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