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IB making me feel stupid instead of smarter?

fdotetefdotete 0 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
Sophomore year of HS I was so confident in my abilities and I thought I was SO smart. The thing is, I feel so bad for whining about my classes because I know juniors taking IB Chem and HL math and I'm just whining about SL Math. I have a C+ in that class because I'm struggling so hard and it's going to be the only C on my transcript.
I'm taking:
IB English HL: A
Honors Physics: B, B+
IB Psychology SL: A
IB Math SL: C+
I feel so dumb because of math, my teacher has managed to berate me and make me feel like I can't succeed. No matter how HARD I study or try, nothing's ever good enough for that class considering the fact my mom can't afford to get me a pre cal tutor. I just feel so discouraged with my grades and I wish I was smarter. I feel like I'm working too hard for the college I want to apply to (Florida State). I'm from VA. Still haven't taken the SATs but I don't have enough faith in myself to believe that I'll do decent

Like right now, I'm so discouraged from doing my math homework. Every time I walk into that class, I just get hit with a wave of melancholy. It's so sad.
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