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IB vs AP, two very different schools?

kimminchikimminchi 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion

I'm having to decide between two high schools in my district, and while I have read many threads on IB vs AP, I believe I'm in a different situation.

The first school, which is my boundary school, is THE worst ranked high school in my district with a rating of 3 by greatschools.org (not entirely sure how reliable the site is, however) and one of the worst in the state. Has a terrible reputation, but heard it's not AS bad as its reputation. This school, though, offers full IB Diploma program, which supposedly prepares students very well for college and is also appealing to college admissions.

The other school is NOT my boundary school, but I will be moving soon and if I do decide to transfer over, it is very possible that I will be moving near the school so that this school becomes my boundary school. This school is the best ranked high school in my district with a rating of 8, and at least barely among the top public schools in the state. This school unfortunately does not offer IB, but instead AP. While the first school hasn't posted anything regarding the universities the past graduating classes have gained admissions to, this school's past valedictorians HAVE gained admission to schools like Stanford and Johns Hopkins. I don't know if that says anything, though.

I'm a well-rounded student, so I heard IB might be a better fit for me, but I'm also aiming for top universities such as Ivy Leagues, Stanford, etc. I'm not really concerned about getting more college credits in high school.

Which is better:

One of the worst schools in the state with an IB diploma program
One of the better schools in the state with AP program?
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  • sluchy523sluchy523 8 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    You're thinking about this in the wrong way.

    The question is, would you enjoy IB or AP better?

    If you can't decide, I'd choose the better school.
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  • kimminchikimminchi 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion

    Since I'm more of a round student than a math/science student, I don't think that I would need to emphasize my strengths in math/science, which makes me a better candidate for IB rather than AP. However, I'm concerned that the bad - almost terrible - ranking of the school that offers IB may hurt my chances of getting into top schools. While I most likely would do well with ib, I would be fine with AP as well. As far as I know, I don't think there has been ANY students from the school that offers IB who have been accepted to any top ivy league schools in the last few years or so, which makes me doubtful about the school.
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  • MrQWERTYQWERTYMrQWERTYQWERTY 1 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    There is one thing you can do with AP classes that you can not do with IB classes. You can take AP classes as a freshman or sophomore. You can only take IB classes as a Junior or Senior. In my son's high school there are many students that take AP calculus and AP US history as a freshman or sophomore.
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  • KaerozeKaeroze 5 replies0 discussions
    I agree with sluchy523, IB is a big commitment and you have to know that you are in it for the long run. My school I would have to say is not the best school either, but it is sending its current IB kids to very very good schools. The val is going to Princeton and one of students received a $500,000 scholarship to Purdue. So you should instead look at the quality of their IB program and not the school itself as much because in IB, you almost never see students outside of the program regularly. Go for what you will do best in and have the most opportunities, but if you can't decide then I would go to the AP school just for safety and better classes.
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