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Should I continue with IB?

fdotetefdotete 0 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
Sophomore year of HS I was so confident in my abilities and I thought I was SO smart. The thing is, I feel so bad for whining about my classes because I know juniors taking IB Chem and HL math and I'm just whining about SL Math. I have a C+ in that class because I'm struggling so hard and it's going to be the only C on my transcript.
I'm taking:
IB English HL: A
Honors Physics: B, B+
IB Psychology SL: A
IB Math SL: C+
I feel so dumb because of math, my teacher has managed to berate me and make me feel like I can't succeed. No matter how HARD I study or try, nothing's ever good enough for that class considering the fact my mom can't afford to get me a pre cal tutor. I just feel so discouraged with my grades and I wish I was smarter. I feel like I'm working too hard for the college I want to apply to (Florida State). I'm from VA. Still haven't taken the SATs but I don't have enough faith in myself to believe that I'll do decent
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Replies to: Should I continue with IB?

  • KaerozeKaeroze 5 replies0 discussionsRegistered User
    Unless you're awful at math, SL Math should not be that hard. I'm taking it and the lowest grade (minus a person) is about an 80 average. The teacher doesn't inflate grades, and the tests aren't easy, but the concepts for the most part are moderately difficult to grasp. It could be your teacher that is the problem and not you. Maybe take time to look at the math book or notes when you don't feel stressed and ask a different math teacher to help you through what you don't understand. I have a similar schedule to yours and could talk about the work in HL English as much more tedious than the math hw. I would seriously though, think about the math teachers you have had in the past and how good they were at teaching you and your grades. Your current teacher doesn't sound very encouraging and you might have to do self-study on top of IB work if you stay in IB.
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  • kaffeinekaffeine 3 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    I don't think you should worry so much. I've gotten a C in precalc my sophomore year (it wasn't an average though). But, you shouldn't give up hope completely. I thought I was going to fail at IB my freshman year. I made a C average in bio. Then, I decided to take HL Bio and SL Math and I made A averages in them. I'm sure that you can improve and the IB diploma is great! I'm sure Florida State won't look badly at the C as long as you show that you work hard and are passionate about the school and the program. I applied to Florida State and was accepted, but I am not attending. I'm sure you will do fine on SATs as well.
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