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Need Assistance! :)

loconudibranchloconudibranch 0 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
Hey all :)

I've a BE degree in Biotechnology and I've got an offer from James Cook Uni in Australia for Master of Biomedical Science. Meanwhile i'm also preparing for the VITMEE exam held by the Vellore institute of tech in TN india. I'm looking to get into the M.Tech Biomedical engineering program. What are your views on this? does the biomed engineering degree in india have any advantages over doing the msc version in aus?
google search fetched me with JCU's ranking- 362 (outdated) does this play an important role when it comes to placement?
Yes, i am the same guy who wanted to do Marine biology, well JCU told me i wasn't fit for it, no ecology stuides! That was kinda brutal, i was very much interested. I even sent em an email asking them to reconsider and maybe a conditional entry. But rules are rules. no fighting it! I studied a bit of Marine bio in my spare time and i think the field of Biomedical Science plays an important role along side marine bio and i applied to the same coll (JCU) to the Master in biomed science and i landed it.
The question is Biomed Engineering (M.tech) degree in VIT india or Masters in Biomedical Science JCU (Australia) ?
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  • SteamgamerSteamgamer 2 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
    Deciding colleges with the help of rankings is one of the worst filters in my opinion. The best way for selection would be to get all sorts of information about the colleges which are in your list, some of that includes university and specific department history, job/research potential, geographical location, alumni success, and most importantly fees.

    Also, most people here are in for bachelors, so I doubt you'll get any solid advice.
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