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choosing where to apply

turtlefenceturtlefence 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
Hi all,

My 2 (homeschooled) girls will be applying in the fall, and I'm trying to guide them as best I can.

They are thinking of applying to Yale, Princeton & Cornell. They also may be applying to Washington & Lee. They each have 4 or 5 safeties, which I think is too many, and only 1 that's in what I would consider the middle (academically as well as in regard to selectivity).

Should I try to have them focus on the 2 safeties they like the best, and get them to add 2 more schools that are in the "middle"? It's really hard to figure out those middle-type schools!

They very well may end up at a Christian safety, as they love the overall environment & vibe there, but I'm pressing them to keep their options open at this point.

Their stats: ACT30, ACT 32; Both have a 4.0 GPA; Both play Varsity soccer & run Varsity track. Both love writing and music. One also has an interest in Biology.

Any suggestions would be welcome! TIA.
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  • GeekMom63GeekMom63 11 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Junior Member
    My biggest suggestion is outside verification. If they already have CC or HS classes, that's great.

    Not all people share this opinion, but: Otherwise, IMO, they need to take SAT Subject tests to support those 4.0 GPAs.

    I agree with keeping their options open. Treat thoughts of Yale, Princeton, & Cornell as bonus, or lottery, schools.

    What do they want to major in?
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  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo 9 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hi turtlefence,

    I agree with GeekMom, as usual. :-) I'd say they need a minimum of three SAT II exams and other outside validation. Is that 4.0 GPA from mommy grades only, or is it from any college classes, AP online classes, etc?

    I'm sure we need more info before we can give you suggestions on schools.

    What level of achievement do they have in their ECs? Local? State? National? Top schools are looking for tippy top students.

    Is money a factor? Are you looking at merit scholarships? Are they NMSF?

    My son had seven "reaches" ranging in acceptance rate from 8% to about 19% and had three "safeties" (accepted 50% or more of students) that offered full rides for top students.

    I think it's ok not to have "middle" schools. I couldn't find any that offered enough aid, either need-based or merit.
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