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Wrong Time Period for CCOT Essay

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I am really scared that I might get a zero. So for today's essay, I talked about Feudalism and how that causes a lack of trade. Without trade, new advances don't come in such as silk clothing or foods. I think that one should be ok. But then I wrote about Byzantine Empire and iconoclasm. I compared this with Western Europe's modes of thoughts. But 1/2 of this paragraph was about the Schism of Christianity. I know this Schism is from 1054, so I am really scared. The 3rd paragraph, I derped and put Crusades and the will to reclaim the holy lands from the Muslims. I know this happened in 1090.

Do you think the grades would be a little lenient and give me a 2 or 3? Or will I get a 0 for not correctly answering the question?
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