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Marxism on APUSH essays

bdenrabdenra 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Will answering a APUSH essay from a Marxist perspective lost me points? I don't know as much as I really should in order to secure a 5 on the AP US History test, but I have read deeply into Marx for debate and such. Therefore, I was wondering if I could answer the questions from a Marxist perspective.

For example, if an FRQ question asked me to analyze the effectiveness of the Progressive Era, I would answer how the reforms a) were often endorsed and carried out by businesses, b) kept businesses in power, and c) did nothing to combat the underlying causes of all the emerging problems, ie. CAPITALISM.

I'm not sure if graders will give me legitimate scores on this, though. Just want to make sure writing from this historical perspective will put my score in jeopardy.

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Replies to: Marxism on APUSH essays

  • killer2021killer2021 6 replies0 discussions New Member
    The only thing they are concerned with is: does this kid know what he is talking about?

    If you blabbed about Marixist theory and didn't answer the question completely then you will get a low score. If you genuinely answered the question and explained what was going on during that time period then you will do better. My guess is that you used your anti-capitalism bias as a reason to not fully respond to the question. The reader will just take it that you didn't know what you were talking about and think you just BSed the essay.
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  • 2redpartyhats2redpartyhats 1 replies0 discussions
    very interested in how you pulled this off! would love to hear about it
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