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Difficulty Level of PR APWH Practice Tests?

zyl1024zyl1024 3 replies4 discussions
Hi everyone,
I'm self-studying AP World History using PR only. I read it twice (without intentionally memorizing) but can only score slightly more than 60% on multiple-choice. However, when I did the official new practice test, I scored 63/70 on MC. Can anyone explain this? I know there is a major change in APWH but my PR is 2012 edition and the tests already have four choices instead of five. Also, I can feel that I'm more comfortable with the official practice test than with PR tests. Do others have similar experience?
Many thanks.
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Replies to: Difficulty Level of PR APWH Practice Tests?

  • sr97329sr97329 2 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    I have similar experiences. On the MC section of Princeton practice tests, I scored 43/70 (which is also about 60%) but on the Barron one I scored around 50. So I'm extremely confused about the actual difficulty of the MC section!

    Two quick questions; I have the 2013 version of Princeton but why do my practice tests have 5 choices instead? Also, which official new practice test are you talking about? Is it the one with Cuban Revolution as DBQ?
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