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Haverford and associated schools

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My daughter is looking at colleges and is interested in Haverford. She initially said that the smallest school she would consider was 2000 students. Haverford is of course much smaller. But you can take classes at Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore and U Penn as well. So that broadens it a bit for her. From what I can tell, Bryn Mawr is really close and students are on similar schedules, so it's easy to take classes there. I am seeing much less about students going to Swat or UPenn for courses. I think they are farther away so it may be harder to manage. Do any of you have a sense of how much crossover there is between these four schools? Do students take courses elsewhere a lot, and is it hard to get into them if you are a Haverford student (and presumably able to register after the resident students do)? Has the size of Haverford been limiting in terms of courses offered on campus, faculty to work with, etc? Is there much social interaction between the different schools? I read that meal tickets work at either Haverford or Bryn Mawr, which I thought was nice. Not sure if that is true with Swat too. Anyway, any input would be appreciated!
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